A sanctuary of the mind

My mission is to create a "sanctuary of the mind." In our rapidly changing modern society, there are times when we feel disoriented or lonely. I believe that each of us needs a place to find peace of mind and freely unleash our imaginations. This place might be physical or virtual.

Studying Digital Media Arts with a specialization in AR/VR technology, I aim to provide entirely new experiences by merging physical and virtual spaces. This journey led me into the startup world, where I learned that sensory experiences, not just visual ones, are of utmost importance.

These experiences range from the nostalgic sensation of listening to an old song and being transported back in time, to encountering an unknown song or sound and sensing the future, or even the emotions triggered by smells. All of these elements are closely tied to the sanctuary of the mind that I aspire to create.

By "sanctuary of the mind," I mean creating experiences that combine the thrill of the unknown and nostalgia. By offering these experiences, people have the opportunity to reflect on themselves, connect with others, and see the world from a new perspective. I believe that this approach enables us to break free from the alienation of modern society and rediscover human spirituality and creativity.

仮想空間であったりするかもしれません。 大学でデジタルメディアアートを学び、AR/VRの技術に興味を持った私は、

そのため、私の目指すミッションは、心の拠り所 = 未知のワクワクとノスタルジアを両立させた体験の創造です。